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I am a property owner on The Cliffs Resort at Possum Kingdom.

My husband and I purchased the lot in 1994. He died in 1999. In 1995 we were transferred to another state and didn’t know if we would ever be back to this area. When we began to investigate selling, we learned that because we had never built on the property we were not allowed to put a “For Sale” sign on it.

I don’t do golf or water sports so I’m using the power of the internet to find a buyer.

Build on your lot! Retire in a golfing resort community.

The Cliffs on Possum Kingdom is a Planned Residential and Golf Course Resort Community on Possum Kingdom Lake.

The lot is located on Muirfield Drive, The Cliffs – Phase II, Lot 180. The lot has full golf club membership privileges and includes discounts on events, facilities and accommodation, skiing, golf, dining and marina access. The dimensions of the lot are 70.00 ft. by 161.07 ft. by 124.06 ft. by 212.01 ft. There is no requirement for building on the property.

FYI – If you’re considering purchasing a lot directly from The Cliffs, read the fine print. The bylaws specifically exclude the owner from putting a real estate or other For Sale sign on the property if there is no house on the property. I’m all for transparency and I didn’t learn this until after we wanted to sell the lot just before my husband died. I wanted to sell the lot because I don’t do golf!

People who enjoy golf often purchase these lots for the golf privileges.

Lots of activities, services and events are available for weddings, parties, hiking excursions and business package vacations with access to conference rooms.

Condominiums (which were not available when we purchased the lot) are now available to stay in during visits to The Cliffs. There is also a restaurant and chef available for planning. Check with the resort for rates, etc.

The homeowner/property owner association dues are paid every 6 months. The dues for the last 6 month period were $500.  They were increased this year. The property taxes are less than $250.

For more information

Call (469)467-6551 for information, leave a message if no answer.

If you get voice mail, please leave a message for Roberta with your contact information.

Please note that the pictures shown on this site were taken before the 2011 fires. Not all lots were burned.

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