Advertising Rates

We are NOT real estate agents! We do NOT communicate information to buyers or act on your behalf. We provide an advertising venue to have your lot found on the internet to expand the audience of buyers and provide choices other than buying from the developer, new The Cliffs Resort owner (we believe a purchase is pending) or the Property Owners’ Association.

If you would like to list your site, the basic rate is $52.00 per year without photos.

If you want, in order to protect your email and contact information, we will setup a forwarding email address ( which will be forwarded to whichever email account you choose. This allows you to keep your email address private and less open to spam. Note: if you reply to an email which was forwarded to you, your email address will be used for that response. We offer an additional service so you can respond using our domain for an additional $25 per year.

If you would like supply pictures and add them to your listing, there is a one time additional fee of $75.

If we have pictures of your lot, you can choose to pay for showing them with your listing.

If you want to list, use the form below:

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