I missed the POA on 11/16/2011 and I am patiently awaiting the minutes posting to see what happened.   It will be interesting to see how all of this stuff plays out with the wildfires cleanup.

If you own a lot at the cliffs you will no doubt get lots of calls from the sales staff trying to get you to upgrade your lot or trade it in for a lot at another of their resorts.  After a couple of calls they stop because they don’t want to hear that if I knew someone who wanted a lot in that development, I would sell them mine!  Inevitably there is turnover and I will get another call every couple of years.  As much as I want an iPad, I wouldn’t send a friend out there.

This is really negative considering I want to sell my lot but I have no interest in a golf course or building a house in the middle of nowhere or spending time on a lake.  There are people who like all of those things and that person would love to have my lot…I’m just waiting for that person to find this blog! 🙂

I also have mixed feelings about the group currently soliciting from property owners, but if I’m selling and they’re paying real money, I’m selling.

The way I see it, if you’re given information and still want to be there, then you should be. There are lots of people who know all of the drawbacks to owning a lot at the Cliffs and it just doesn’t matter, they’re going to buy it and that’s that.  People and situations change and owning a lot at the Cliffs isn’t an easy change, so buyer beware.

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