As expected, there was another special assessment on my POA dues for the second half of the year to pay for wildfire damage.  Only $50 this time.  I hope it’s the last one but only time will tell.  I haven’t seen anything saying exactly how much it was to be so I should probably call.

I hope we get more rain so the fire risk will decrease.  We haven’t set record 100 + degree days so that’s a good sign.  The wind has caused a few problems in the Metroplex and we are expecting rain tomorrow and Wednesday.  The lake level on July 9, 2012 is 993.58, down .04 feet since yesterday.

I hope to get up there soon to check it out!

UPDATE:  Cover letter with dues indicates that if you were only billed an additional $50, your lot did not burn and there will be no further assessments.    If your lot burned, you were billed $100 on the current statement and will be billed another $100 at a later date.

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