For Sale By The Cliffs Property Owners

This site was originally for my lot but is now being used by others who want to sell….  If you are a property owner at The Cliffs and are interested in listing your here,  please complete the contact form on the Contact Us page.  The fees if any are modest.  You will need to provide your own pictures.  For a fee, I may be able to arrange for the pictures to be taken.  Other owners who are planning to visit their property may be able to take pictures as well.  I was there on Memorial Day weekend 2010 to take my pictures.

We are not Agents or Brokers

We are not real estate agents or brokers just property owners with limited recourse to sell our lots unless we want to upgrade to another lot at the same or another facility in their inventory.  Unless noted otherwise, the lots come with golf privileges as determined by The Cliffs.  It is a gated community so unless you have other reasons to be there you’ll need someone to provide access.  If you own a lot there, then you have the information necessary to gain access.

If you currently golf at The Cliffs and you know someone wanting to buy, this might be a great opportunity to find a lot for much less than what is being sold there by the developer, especially if you are looking for a golf course lot.  The inventory of golf course lots is thin (yes, I recently scanned the property records to see how many phases had been allocated and to see how many were still owned by Double Diamond or The Cliffs HOA.)  I’m don’t remember exactly but it seems that they are up to Phase XI and it appears to end there but I can’t imagine that too many of them are golf course lots.  At the end of May 2010, The Cliffs owned around 318 lots with 190 being in Phases 8 through 11.  The HOA owned at least 7.

When I was there in May, I noticed an RV park on the premises so it’s possible that if you own a property there, you can rent RV space when visiting.

I’ll be posting more information as I know it!  Thanks for visiting our site!

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