If you are like me and many other self-employed entrepreneurs, there really is no such thing as vacation time.  I may take some time to relax or get away but I’m still thinking about the business.  I’ve never been a golfer but my deceased husband was, hence I own a lot at this wonderful golf course.

I can’t seem to sell it because of the development restrictions but I continue to be responsible for the HOA Dues and taxes.  So, to this post.

I am a promotional products distributor and where better to sell golf related promotional products and support my obligations to The Cliffs?  If you are looking to brand your business using promotional products or other marketing strategies, take a look and give us a call.  My primary website  and blog can be found here.

If you’re looking to buy a lot at The Cliffs on Possum Kingdom, mine is for sale.  It’s on the 17th green and comes with golf privileges.

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