We took a drive out to The Cliffs Resort on Saturday. It’s Memorial Day weekend and I was surprised there were so many out. It seems calm if you’re driving around looking at the scenery but a trip down to the marina was a different world. There were people at the beach area and on the water. The weather was really nice. We saw joggers, bikers and people driving around in Jeeps and golf carts.

I haven’t been out there in many years. I don’t enjoy golf or water activities so no reason to go except to see what’s going on in the development and with the lot we’re trying to sell. My husband and I purchased the lot in July 1994 when the development was first purchased by the developer. We had no promise of anything else ever being built there but if it was, we could build our retirement home there and he could play golf until he was sick of it. He passed away in 1999 and I simply had no interest in golf or living outside the city so here I sit with a wonderful lot and no use for it. Did I mention we had moved away from Texas and then back to Texas in this 5 year period?

A lot of houses have been built since 2010. (Did I mention I don’t go there very often?) They’ve built houses in places I would never have expected a house to be built. I was really surprised at the size of the houses. My lot doesn’t have a lake view but it is on the 17th green and someone built a beautiful house across the street. It was there on my last trip but they continue to do landscaping and make it even more beautiful. Most of the houses are two story with lots of decks. This allows the best view of the surrounding area. I noticed most of the garages were filled with outdoor fun stuff so I suspect a lot of people are only there on weekends but a large number of homeowners make up the POA (property owners’ association) and live there full time.

Some would say it’s not that pretty but it is Central West Texas so desert plants and landscaping work well there. The rolling hills on the way in are pretty and the Brazos River had a lot of canoes. Cars lined the sides of the bridge where they were unloading and heading out. It took the following picture out the car window as we passed.

The Brazos River Memorial Day Weekend 2020

There is a hotel and there are timeshares. Property owners get a discount at the hotel and it’s good to be able to stay there if you aren’t building on your lot but want to enjoy some golf and water activities. There is a restaurant and conference center. The following pictures were taken from an observation point behind the timeshare/hotel area.

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