First let me mention that there is a 60 day burn ban for Palo Pinto County, effective June 22, 2018. You can read more about it here. No word about it being near The Cliffs Resort.

I just received my property bill. There wasn’t an increase but I truly believe if not for the current proxy battle being heard in court, they would have increased. I was against the way they did business long before the proxy battle began. I just wanted to sell my lot and get out but there are people who want to live there. They want to make it a great place to live and enjoy. They love golf, swimming, lakes, boating, etc. Those people and the ones of us who want out, deserve at least to be billed fairly for dues and not have to pay for the commercial interests of DD.

According to the plan recently approved by the board, lot owners will see an increase of $360 per year. The homeowners will see a larger increase. For the most part, it seems fair for the homeowners to pay more since they use more of the services however, this isn’t the way it was setup. I’ve tried to look at documents on the website but the links don’t appear to be working.

Many of you know that this website was created several years ago, long before the proxy fight began. I have always felt that DD had too much control over the property owners’ association and the dues. It’s time to separate the POA from the operation of the commercial interests/DD.

This site was born because of the repressive rules which regulate a property owner’s ability to sell their lot. It’s prohibitive to real estate agents as well. These policies exist primarily because DD is still selling their own substantial inventory using aggressive sales tactics like those used with timeshares (interval owners?).  Oh yes, timeshares.  They also sell timeshares. And, they make everything they control easy because they also own the mortgage company. They also want to use timeshare owner proxies to maintain control. I understand the success of the development depends on selling more lots but how’s that working DD? If my lot wasn’t paid for, I’d probably let them have it back along with the 600 they already own. The way it stands, I’m the only loser if I give it back.

Mr. Ward said on the video that people quit paying on their lots because they got ugly. I say it’s more because there is no hope of selling it due to the existing policies and extravagant prices paid in the first place. There is a lot of buyer remorse in this development.

DD also tries to shut down opposing groups. If you have already given your proxy to the group trying to change control of the POA, do not be misled by the letter with the dues saying this is only for the upcoming meeting. Any proxy will most likely (I’m not an attorney) replace any recent proxies you have given to another party. I regret over many years having given my proxy to the president. I would have been better served to leave it unassigned. There are so many property owners who live out of state and too far to attend, those proxies probably gave DD the foothold they needed to remain in control.

They are also collecting contact information from owners because many are not reachable except through US mail and that takes a lot of time. If you give your proxy to Mike Ward, be sure he explains his position clearly so at least you know what your vote gets. Currently, it’s going to get higher dues. Good for those who use the facilities, bad for the majority of us who have never used any facility not even a round of golf.


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