I purchased my lot in 1993 and a lot has changed in that period of time.  The contracts may also have changed but I have spoken with several realtors who tell me that you still cannot put a sign on a vacant lot for sale, so that part has not changed.

Full Disclosure

Yes, we want to sell our lots.  That is the purpose of this site.  We also want to educate.  We want people who are planning to purchase a lot to know what we who would like to sell have learned the hard way.

Pros and Cons of Buying from the Developer

If you have the financial resources (cash or your own financing) to purchase a lot out right, there are lots of property owners who want to sell but have no way to get the word out.  That’s another reason for this site.

If you don’t have your own financial resources, you’ll probably pay a lot more but the developer will provide financing options for you.  The average property owner can’t.  Most of them can’t because they are still paying on the wonderful terms they received originally.  Some have even traded up to a more expensive lot.  Some of the lots for sale are paid for and owner financing might be an option but I’m not sure how that fits with the rules of the development.  That’s something I need to look into.

Trade-In, Trade-Up

I’m not sure about their current policy but my experience has been that they will always be trying to get you to trade-in your lot by trading-up into a more expensive lot.  Sometimes it will be an offer to trade into one of their new developments.  Once your lot is paid off, they don’t have as much leverage so the calls will be less frequent.  If you tell them the only interest you have is in selling your lot, the calls will stop until the next round of new sales people come along.

The Hard Sell

Trust me, unless things have changed a lot since I bought my lot, it will be a “hard” sell.  Whatever free gift they’ve offered for you to take the tour will certainly be a drop in the bucket (cost wise) to what you’re getting.


Take the Tour

So, visit and take the tour.  Get your free gift and take some time to think about the fact that if you really want a lot with golf privileges and all that comes with it, there are people on the outside who will gladly sell you a lot.

Also know, that if you visited this site first and you still buy from the developer, you can’t say you weren’t warned.  And, if by chance the policies have changed and the warnings I give no longer apply, my apologies in advance.

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