This site has been up and running for several years but we have just started using social media including Facebook and Twitter to market.  If you haven’t followed us since the beginning, it’s a good idea read some of the first disclosure posts.

We’re getting more and more inquiries and they always ask if we are real estate agents.  WE ARE NOT.  We are not real estate agents or brokers.  We are property owners with lots we no longer need and would like to sell.  The contract you sign when you purchase the lot is very prohibitive when it comes time to sell, especially if you haven’t built on the lot.

If you request your lot be added to the list of lots for sale, you, the property owner, will handle all of the communications and details with potential buyers.  If you have a buyer, we suggest you contact an attorney or broker to assist in closing the deal if you have concerns and to be sure it is handled properly.  It will cost a little but should be money well spent now that the POA dues have gone up again.

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